A Huge Key To Fitness Business Success 

Are you a trainer or gym owner looking for new clients?  You post faithfully on social media, send out flyers, offer discounts and still nothing?  Why is it some people are doing the same thing, but kill it, and you have nothing to show for your efforts?  

The rules for social media are always changing, by the time you implement the advice from one guru, the trend they taught is passé and now you are not getting results.  

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course let’s not forget the mighty Facebook.  Oh, have a blog/website.  Fuck.  I think we are covered on the social media side of things.  

Now, what to post on social media, how often, do I need a like page? Oye vey.  Get pictures, video, be witty and informative.  It sucks, and for me became a headache and not fun, very quickly.  Why was I struggling?  What was the last ingredient I needed? 

I decided to reach out to a few successful trainers in other states and asked them their advice.  Seven of ten trainers I spoke with said that the majority of their success was achieved by being active some way in their community.  This did not mean handing out flyers at local events or having a booth at a local Main Street Day.  

These trainers were active in adult  sports leagues, softball, soccer, basketball, etc.  they participated year round,  one or two nights a week and a weekend morning.  

One was a volunteer firefighter, and active in his local town political scene.  

Another lady was an EMT.  

I can say a big part of my failures came from not being an active part in my community.  As a trainer, a huge marketing tool for your business is you.  If you are utilizing your body not just to work out, but to be involved in adult sports leagues, this is a great way to show off what you do.  Each season ushers in new sports, and with it opportunities to meet new people.  And if you are in business for yourself, the more people you meet and know what you do, the better. 

If sports aren’t your thing, look on your local town website.  Get involved in the community, find something you can be passionate about.  Meet new people in real life.  Twenty years ago people were able to succeed at business with out social media. You can too. 

Need help getting into the community scene? If you need help contact us at superhumanbbclub@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you get on the right track.  

Thanks for reading. And if this helped you please share! 

Starting A Garage Gym

So you want to start a garage gym.  If you are a personal trainer, and are looking to expand your business, or a new trainer and want to build a client base, a garage gym might be a great option for you.

After successfully leading boot camp style classes at a karate studio for several years, ownership decided to reward the hard work by firing me. When I started the class it had 3 people.  When I left, almost twenty walked out the door with me to build my gym empire.  Unfortunately, I had less than a month to prepare my garage gym. Money was tight and I needed a place fast.

The two biggest items in starting any garage gym is equipment and space.  If you have a home with a garage attached to it, lucky you!  This is a great start for the beginning trainer.  But, if you don’t have that luxury, you will have to look at renting a space.  First things first, let’s take a brief look at equipment.


When I started my garage gym the budget was less than $200.  I wanted some barbells and a pull up station.  Fortunately I had plenty of Dumbbells to start off with, the Olympic bar bells, plates and kettle bells would mostly have to be manufactured by me.

Much of the equipment I had furnished my gym with had come from thrift stores or yard sales.  A thrift store can be a gold mine of plates, Dumbbells and benches, the bonus being every almost every week they get new stock!  You may not score 300 pounds in dumb bells, but you can accumulate a great little stockpile if you consistently hit the thrift stores.  This stuff is usually incredibly cheap.  I picked up over 200 pounds of plates for twenty dollars.

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There are many items at Home Depot or Lowes that you can use that are also cheap and will go a long way in helping you build a great foundation with barbells.  You can also create your own kettle bells for under 8$ a piece with items from the hardware store.  Much of the equipment can be manufactured.


“The Lair” was a 3 bay garage that had no heat, air conditioning or a bathroom.  It was my first space, but I made it work.  I found the garage in a local Craigslist ad.  The rent was cheap, and with my existing client base, I was in a good position to financially to open up the Superhuman Barbell Club.

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I suggest getting to know your community, look for space to rent, there will be more affordable spaces than you realize.  Keep your eyes peeled and be picky.  Obviously Craigslist is the best place to start, and you may even meet someone who can introduce you to another person who will have what you are looking for.

I’ve spoken with many trainers who started outdoor fitness classes during the spring and summer, built a decent client base, which in turn provided a nice investment to move your classes in doors, into your own space.  This is an ideal move for beginners, who don’t have or want to use credit or loans to start their business.  This was my plan, and I to this day have not had to expand my business on credit or loans.

Now, there are many legal issues that go into “owning” a gym, but there are some creative ways that will keep you safe and most importantly keep others safe in this beginning phase.
I classified my gym as a “club”. I ran the club, and charged dues to the members.


Everyone signed waivers, and it was agreed that everything was at your own risk.
This doesn’t mean you can neglect your equipment.  Make sure everything is safe.  It is inevitable that people will get injured during a work out.  But if someone gets injured because you neglected to maintain your equipment, then you are an asshole.

This is not a forever plan, it’s a way for those of you who want to start a career in fitness and don’t want to work for someone else or an experienced trainer who is ready to take his business to another level.

Running your own facility is a great way to determine if you have what it takes to run a fitness empire. It was a huge test for me mentally and really opened up my eyes as to what kind of fitness entrepreneur I want to be.
Good luck on your venture!  If you found this article helpful, please share!

If you have any questions about starting your own garage gym, please feel free to email me at superhumanbbclub@gmail.com.